Husky supports his 10-month-old friend and speaks to him in their secret language

It is very difficult for children to learn something new every day, learn to walk, talk, communicate, express their thoughts and feelings.
When adults do not understand them, they often become angry and nervous, although neither party is at fault. In general, children are just incredibly cute creatures.

And who will talk to the baby in their language? Just think, there’s probably a great companion for him in your home: a dog. Yes, that’s right.

Dogs, after all, also communicate in the language of sounds, gestures and facial expressions. Then the child and your pet can have a really constructive dialogue. And they will completely understand each other. Leave them alone and let them talk.

The heroine of today’s story managed to catch her child in such a conversation with their husky. Mom just couldn’t help but capture it on camera.

It’s very funny that pets sometimes replace people for us.

Even if they do not support the dialogue, there is a feeling that they understand us, support us and are just there.

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