It’s simple to mistake the astonishingly lifelike sculptures created by sand artists for genuine creatures.

Most of us like going to beaches and have rest, maybe get some sunbathe. Sea gives you freedom and lets you forget about your problems.

In the case of Andoni Bastarrika beaches give him an opportunity to use his talent. This Spanish man is incredibly well at creating sand sculptures.

When you look at most of his works, it seems as if the cultures are real. This man shapes unbelievably realistic animal sculptures. He is just amazing in what he does!

Bastarrika says that many years ago he accidentally discovered his awesome skill. He was at a beach with his two daughters and somehow decided to create a mermaid out of the sand.

It was that moment when the man understood that he has got a divine talent. As he explains, these were his hands that knew what to do.

He has spent already 10 years of his life doing what he adores. He found out his desire and passion for sand carving and never gave up on it.

Now the man is now of the most famous sand sculpture makers in the world that continues on surprising people with his new works.

It takes hours and sometimes days to make one of these amazing figures. For instance, the horse and bison sculptures took him two days but for creating dog models he needed 6-8 hours.

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