Little wolf and tiger cubs grow up together and spend happy time with each other

It is almost impossible to consider tigers and wolves as friends.

They are considered enemies and it is against the laws of nature to see them in peace with each other.

But there is something wonderful in this story. If these two species are enemies in the wild they may befriend on safari at a very young age.

These two guys have become friends since they were a couple of weeks old. It’s so new and incredible to see a wolf and a tiger playing with each other.

The cubs are animal ambassadors at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species. They were separated from their mothers at a young age. The goal of the program is to ensure their survival.

The cubs don’t care that their species are old enemies. They like to play with each other.In the first months, wolves are usually larger than tigers.

Now it’s the wolf cub that is pushy with its tiger friend but after several months tigers become bigger than the wolves. At that time, it is no longer possible to keep them together as friends.

At the moment they are best friends who enjoy chasing each other and eating the same milk formula!

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