Master orchid grower takes guesswork out of watering with a detailed guidance

The garden plays an important role in the home as a whole because it is both an introduction and a reflection of the household.

For those who truly understand the importance of a garden, they also know how to properly care for their plants.

When we say “take good care”, we really mean the «proper» way to care for plants.

Plant care requirements may vary.

Hot temperatures, especially in the summer, hit differently, and it continues to get hotter every year.

This isn’t a big deal for succulents, but it is for plants that need to be outdoors where they get enough nutrients to grow healthily.

However, too much exposure to direct sunlight is harmful to most flower-bearing plants such as orchids.

We have to be extra careful when the temperature outside is simply too high.

Fortunately, this knowledgeable man and his YouTube channel called Grandpa’s Orchids are here to teach us how to properly water our beloved orchids.

His proof is in his blooms.

Water orchids every 7-10 days.It’s a man’s first tip, especially when the temperature is high.

Orchids love a breath of fresh air and plenty of sunlight, just remember not to put them in direct sunlight.

He began his tutorial by pouring a full cup of water over the orchid and adding orchid fertilizers.He doubles the watering.

After adding fertilizer, he added another cup of water and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes.This helps the orchid absorb all the nutrients and the soil is completely moist.

Cut what’s dead, leave what’s alive.

As he waited, he also made sure to remove any dead leaves and cut off any dry flower stalks.He also checked the roots and removed the dry ones.

Thus, the nutrients from the soil will be completely absorbed by the orchid.

He used the «double-pot method».

“The double-pot technique was introduced as a simple method for soil testing. The principle is that seedlings take up nutrients simultaneously from the soil to be investigated and from nutrient solutions of different compositions.”

After 20 minutes, he pulled out the inner pot and poured all the water right into the outer pot.Then he poured the water back out and just let it drain, giving the orchid one last sip of fresh and nourishing water.

He also mentioned the importance of cleaning the outside to avoid the formation of any type of bacteria that could harm the plant.

Making sure the outer pot was clean, he put the inner pot back inside to complete his tutorial.

His simple yet very informative “How to water an orchid” video has already received over 8.1 million views from people all over the world.

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