Simon Cowell rescues dogs from slaughterhouse. One of the dogs he rescued visits him

Many of you know Simon Cowell from shows like American Idol and America’s Got Talent. He is generally a very strict judge. However, behind the scenes, few people know about his good deeds, especially in relation to dogs.

Cowell once closed a slaughterhouse in Korea using his own money. A few years ago, he donated about $32,000 to the International Society for the Protection of Animals to stop dog slaughter. Thanks to him 200 dogs were saved.

It was very kind of Simon but a ungrateful deed. Later, Simon saw the result of his contributions.

He was a guest on Good Morning Britain. The host Pip Tomson recalled Simon’s good deeds for the animals.

Cowell answered that eating dogs is the same as eating your friend. However, he had no idea that it was also a surprise for him. The host brought one of the dogs rescued from the slaughterhouse they had closed.

Cowell held the puppy in his arms and spoke about the importance of preventing the slaughter.

What a pleasant surprise.Surely Simon Cowell felt grateful to be hugging one of the little friends he had saved.

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