The beautiful cat had no owner because of the original paws.However, a girl sheltered him

Again and again, the disorders and disabilities of animals shouldn’t cause us fear. Even in their special condition, they continue to love and care for us.

Of course, some people are not able to devote so much time to animals with health problems, but many simply want to have healthy pets. And what about the disabled? How to leave them on them all alone on the streets?

About a year ago, a woman came to a shelter where homeless pets are waiting for people to adopt them. There she noticed a kitten, which ended up in a shelter due to an extra paw.

This is a congenital defect: polydactyly, the presence of extra fingers on the paws.

Marshal has extra toes so big that they look like another paw. He even knows how to release claws from them. Thanks to this, he climbs into the most inaccessible corners.

According to Olivia, many people liked the cute cat, and some get to know him only to communicate with the pet. The girl is not at all upset by Marshal’s feature. She considers him the best cat in the world.

Thank you, Olivia.Marshal is the happiest cat that has an owner like you.

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