The family accidentally saw the two-year-old missing dog on the TV news and reunited with him

Dwight and her wife were devastated after losing their lovely dog two years ago.It was too difficult to adjust to life without their fluffy bundle of happiness.
Dwight has a habit of turning on the TV early and going to bed to get better sleep.

One day the most unexpected thing happened for this family. By chance or by the will of fate, the man did not go to bed early. When the general news ended, a story about shelter dogs was shown. A very incredible thing has just happened!

They described a dog as having ”the most adorable underbite.” Both Dwight and his wife began to cry. They immediately recognized their two-year-old missing puppy.

After reading the shocking news, the man called the news station and had to contact the animal shelter where the dog Payday lived.

And the very next day Dwight’s mom went to the shelter and met the furry friend. Payday immediately recognized the woman and was very happy. Finally, they reunited after two years of separation.

We wish many other desperate families find their four-legged friends.

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