The incredible story of a super mom. 25-year-old woman gave birth to 9 children at once

In fact, when we hear about when twins are born, we get excited.

It is even more admirable and difficult for a mom to carry triplets, although it is less common.

However, imagine that a woman can be a real superman and surprise the planet with something really great.

Meet Halimah Cisse from Mali, who suddenly became a super mom by having 9 children at once.

Although she is only 25 years old, she has experienced a difficult but incredible happiness with several babies.

As the couple admits sharing parenthood, in this case, is much more difficult, but they are very excited.

The most difficult thing for them is to feed and change diapers to all 9 babies at once.

The babies are wonderful: 5 little girls and 4 cute boys who filled their parents’ day with joy and work.

According to the doctors, the case was rare, and from the very beginning they considered the pregnancy risky and difficult.

However, the process went fine, and they did a Cesarean operation.

Then the babies were immediately placed in oxygen chambers, after which they became ready for life in this world.

So, after they got stronger they were discharged from the hospital absolutely healthy.

Although Halima was from Mali, she was taken to Morocco to give birth there, as the quality of medicine is better.

In general, it is acceptable to have many children in Africa.

However, even the experts couldn’t’ve expected such a result.

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