The little baby couldn’t tell his parents about his rude babysitter while his dog managed to

Whenever you find yourself in such a vulnerable position or situation and unable to defend yourself, like this sweet baby did, you will need a helping hand and someone to defend you.

For little baby Finn, his saving angel was Killian, his faithful doggie.

Benjamin and Hope Jordan, the parents, decided to hire a nanny to look after their 7-month-old son.

And at that time, the young couple thought that were the right to pick a person for the job – one woman.

But over time, the Jordans noticed that their dog was acting completely unusual around the babysitter.

Therefore, the sweet puppy who never showed any signs of aggression suddenly began to growl at this woman.

The little baby couldn’t tell his parents about his rude babysitter, but his dog was able to, regrettably.

Since the dog’s behavior was concerning enough that the parents were alerted that something was wrong, they decided to place a phone under the couch to record.

What would happen in their home while they were away.

And they remained overwhelmed.

The recording revealed that the little boy cried constantly, sometimes for hours, as he was left alone in his crib.

More than that, the nanny could be heard screaming at the little one.

Shocked, the couple alerted the police and got rid of her!

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