The monkey takes care of the ducklings and cuddles them like his family

Cubs of different species easily get along with each other. It’s nice to see how loving and caring they can be for each other.

Baby animals do not realize that they can be enemies of other species. It is love that unifies them and makes us believe in its power.

These incredible companions, consisting of a little monkey and five ducklings, will make your day unforgettable! They win the hearts of many people.

The video of their precious friendship was posted on YouTube just three months ago, but has already amassed over 75 million views.

The baby monkey is very affectionate with the fluffy ducklings. He pulls them close and hugs each of them as they pass close to him.

The tiny yellow creatures love their bigger friend. They follow him everywhere he goes.

When it’s time to eat, the cute ducklings enjoy the rice and the baby monkey drinks his nourishing milk and later joins the gang.

When he climbs a tree, the ducklings stay on the ground. The monkey can’t understand why they don’t follow him. But the ducks are waiting for their friend under the tree to continue playing with him.

These heartwarming shots show us the importance of loving our friends. We cannot always strive to be loved, we need to show love ourselves.

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