The oldest park ranger in the USA is this loyal old lady: At age 100, Betty Reid retires.

After over 15 years of publishing her devoted duty stories, Betty Reid Soskin announced her retirement at 100.

She has a great duty legacy at Home Front National Historic Parking Richmond, where she had her selfless and favorite 15 successful years.

Recently, after turning 100, Soskin has been declared the most famous park keeper in service around the USA.

The authorities organized a public event to celebrate her retirement from duty which has been scheduled for April 16.

So, the legendary officially announced her retirement from her beloved duty.

The legendary 100-year-old woman worked as a file clerk in a Union hall in the the1940s.

Later, together with her husband names Mel Reid they would open the “Reid’s Records” store.

However, the store was officially closed in 2019, and she had to look for another job.

So, Soskin got her new job at the National Park Service in 2011 becoming a ranger after turning 89.

Despite being a punctual employee, she also led social projects and shared memories and new ideas at the visitor center.

The brave woman claimed, that she was very proud of being the primary object in introducing history which was just her story.

She added, that bringing a new shape to the national park has been enjoyable for her.

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