The woman lived 109 years and shared with others the secret of her longevity

This famous grandma who lived 109 years talked about the secret of her longevity.

The elderly woman was born on December 28, 1898. There were 6 more brothers in the family.

Gunda Harangen, the oldest person in Norway, passed away on November 25, 2008.

Only a month remained until her 110th birthday, but she could not live to see it.

In 2006, she gave an interview and claimed that beyond her longevity was to stay a life-long virgin.

She joked that “if you drink a glass of cognac every day, and with no man to get on your nerves, you will win”.

In addition, for her, the next important point was that she drank a glass of French cognac every morning.

However, the situation is somewhat different, as British scientists have found out.

According to researchers, polygamy is a mystery, especially for men.

The second point, as they mentioned, is to have several children and be well educated.

As they argued, children made their parents happy and motivated in their growing up and upbringing.

Then, according to new surveys, the right lifestyle is very important for living long.

They stated that it is physical activity and healthy food that are the key to longevity.

Nowadays, people used to follow the last point, and it works out.

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