They saved him with their bare hands. The drowning jaguar hugged people like a domestic cat

This story took place in the Amazonian jungle. Several soldiers of the Brazilian army noticed a jaguar drowning during a flood and rushed to save the unfortunate beast.

When they saw him, he was already barely alive. However, people rushed into the roaring streams and carried the animal out of the water in their arms.

At that moment, they thought only about saving the cat, and not about their own lives, because such a worldview is inherent in the bravest and most valiant soldiers of any country.

And the beast seemed to feel it, accepting people as the closest friends whom he could trust unconditionally.

After rescuing, it was decided to take the jaguar with them. He was too weak and exhausted.

When the local authorities learned about this story, they allowed the animal to be left in the care of the Brazilian army. And now the powerful and beautiful jaguar, which was named Jikitaya, is surrounded by human care and love.

It’s a miracle that there are people who are willing to risk themselves to help someone in need!

Good deeds are always rewarded!

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