This blind girl was told to get off the bus with her guide dog because of the color of her skin.

The touching and unfair story of this 22-year-old Megan Taylor and her best guide friend Rowley has become more popular today.

The sweet and beautiful young lady is so close and inseparable from her beloved guide dog.

Faithful and brave, Rowley leads his blind lady wherever they go.

However, an incident affected Megan’s attitude toward society by feeling discrimination against her.

She was once boarding a public bus with her service dog when a woman told her to get off the bus because of her dog.

According to the woman, her black labrador could not be a guardian because of its color and shouted at her to get off the bus.

In addition, some unfriendly bus passengers joined the woman and declared that she was pretending to be blind.

The disappointed girl even showed the card to prove that she was true.

So, the kind disabled girl was about to give up public transport, but she rethought something important.

She came to the conclusion that although there are unkind people, the majority of the public is still kind and caring.

So, she decided not to change her attitude towards all people, because she believed in people.

Also, she was so friendly and kind to everyone that she just couldn’t be an introvert.

Fortunately, her beloved dog also helped her to stay kind and keep her faith in people.

Although she has been blind since the age of 15, the girl with a big heart has a good and trustworthy character.

Moreover, she adores life the way it is.

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