This smart and adorable puppy has always paid for her food with money from her bag

All dogs deserve human love and affection.Sometimes there are those who make history irreplaceable for us.

So, everything is true about the hero of this story.

Meet Buddy, a pup who has lived in Argentina.

She was known among the locals as a paperboy.

Buddy became known for his high intelligence and kind heart.

She used to go to the store every day with a bag with some money in it to make purchases for himself.She was used to going very carefully where she was ordered, she even crossed the roads very carefully.

The smart Buddy would get his meal and return home with his full bag.

She gave everyone a lot of tender emotions, meeting him on the streets.

Her owner Alberto, told how one evening a woman was waiting to pay for the taxi, when she walked near to Buddy just to have the chance to cuddle him.

One of Alberto’s friends showed a video of Buddy on another occasion.

She was in a cafeteria in France where she looked like a celebrity.

Alberto admitted that the idea to buy Buddy belonged to his daughter because she wanted a pet like him.

The legendary Buddy was 14 years old.

And, unfortunately, she has recently passed away.

The family and everyone who knew her suffered greatly because of her loss.

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