Workers find «abandoned» golden retriever as it gives birth to «cow babies»

Rosie, a Golden Retriever mix who was dumped and was nearly nine months pregnant, was taken in by Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue. Shelter heads Katie and John Black began addressing her immediate needs when she arrived.

The staff had previously taken care of many pregnant dogs, but when Rosie had puppies, it became clear that she would be an exception, as her four healthy puppies looked nothing like her.

Unlike the gold-coated mama Rosie, the puppies were very spotted. The black and brown marks on their white fur made them eerily like a bunch of tiny baby cows! Accordingly they were given the names of the deer: Daisy, Clarabelle, Betsy and Moo.

Cross-breeding often leads to striking differences in features of the puppies, but in Rosie’s case, the absolute lack of similarity was remarkable.But that didn’t change Rosie’s love for her cute puppies in the least.

Today, Rosie and all her babies have been adopted into loving homes. We are very grateful to Katy and John for their sincere efforts in looking after the litter and finding the best owners for them.

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