11-years old boy endangered his life for the dog

This boy is only 11 years old, but he is an excellent example for imitation. We seldom can see somebody who will help the helpless creature. Especially if he has to risk himself. The boy lives in a city in Brazil.

Walking in the street our hero, whose name is Jan Fernandez, saw the car hitting the dog, he ran to the dog to help him. There were many people around there but nobody did such thing, but the boy gave the dog second chance. After it Jan took the dog to the veterinary where helped him and gave medicines.

The veterinary was proud of the brave boy. He did not regret for his proceeding and even added that in Brazil the dog suffered because of inattentive drivers and overloaded roads.

This time the dog had good luck and met our brave hero. We hope there will be many people who will not leave our four-legged friends. Something like this happened in Estonia when people saved the frozen wolf thinking that it was a dog.

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