The girl adopted a dog from the shelter, but she could not keep him in her apartment: here’s why
When people want to adopt a dog, obviously they choose a young puppy. Older dogs are often overlooked because they have different health and behavioral issues like anxiety
This Homeless Dog’s Life Changed When This Young Man Adopted Him
There are many dogs and cats roaming the streets. They are often hungry, thin and exhausted. There are people who ignore them, there are those who pity them
This Smart Dog Is Grandma’s Only Support And He’s Been Running Errands For Years
This elderly woman adopted her dog ten years ago when the pup was very small and her former owner had abandoned her. But the years passed and Jérémie,
Mother dog chases truck with her rescued babies: rescuers decided to save her too
The first word in childish language is mom. Moms are ready to do even the impossible for their children. Maternal love has no limits and this also concerns
This dog with sad eyes had little chance of being saved, but everything changed
This thirteen-year-old Labrador dog sits in a kennel at the shelter with a deplorable air and a pitiful look. He had a sad past. His former owner neglected
Zeus – ”the stubborn husky” runs out of water, mom listens to his disapproval
You might hear about Zeus – the stubborn husky. This guy is famous for his complaints every time something goes wrong. The dissatisfied dogs every time something to
Years after the pit bull was rescued from a dogfighting ring, now he’s a K-9 officer
Dogs are so valuable companions. We share our houses with them and take care of these four-legged friends. But there are also people who treat them badly. They
Sweet German Shepherd take care of the abandoned deer and other injured animals
The breed of German Shepherds is known for their intelligence, loyalty and good heart. They can devote themselves to their loving owners. They are famous for being active
Melanistic black tiger with rare black stripes was spotted walking in the jungles of India
Melanism causes differences in appearance in all living beings that lack black pigmentation. They get unique and eye-catching coloring. Because these animals are different, they are often rejected
Missing dog found safe and sound: she was herding sheep in a farm of strangers
Each week we hear different cases of missing dogs. It’s unbelievable to realize that your pet may be lost one day. You look for anywhere, worry and go
35-ton humpback whale spotted flying completely out of the water near the Mbotyi coast, South Africa
If you go sightseeing of the shore, that’s a great idea. But when a 35-ton humpback whale decides to amaze you with its whole beauty, that becomes exceptional
Dog adopted an orphaned opossum 3 years ago, she still carries him on her back
Opossums are nocturnal animals. These predators eat bugs, snakes and mice. These guys have a sanitary function, and they have a good influence on the environment. In fact,
Newborn abandoned lion cub was rescued and now builds a special bond with her savers
Wild animals are dangerous to interact with. However, lions are affectionate towards those people who love them. If a person adopts a lion since its childhood, the animal
Exhausted German Shepherd has no strength to move on: park ranger carries him
This summer was hot. It doesn’t matter you are a human or animal, all of the living beings felt the unpleasant heat. While people can turn on air-conditioners
UK’s most ”unwanted” dog is already four years in a shelter, still looking for owners
All the house pets in the shelters deserve to be adopted. Some of them are abandoned and abused, some of them are just not loved, etc. We believe,

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