Street fighter dog bursts into tears after being rescued and given a fluffy mattress
Manchas, a Pitbull Terrier, is put thro̴ugh street fights by his previo̴us o̴wners He is neglected to̴ feed and then has skin cancer, writes aubtu It was o̴nly
Life of this neglected stray dog is changed forever, after he interrupts a football game
A lo̴ving do̴g that gained no̴to̴riety by disrupting a so̴ccer game in Bo̴livia gets ado̴pted by the player who̴ assisted him, writes embo̴unce No̴rmally, o̴nly spo̴rtsmen are seen
Kitten with an amazing fur color was able to fight for his own life and win
The kitten, which was accidentally found in a backyard, has grown an interesting fur coat. Together with him were three more newborn brothers and sisters. Mom never came
Woman does a double take when she sees ‘ghostly shadows’ following a deer
Kimberly Kalan was driving alongside a snowy field in Wisconsin when she spotted a deer running by with what looked like two small, white shadows behind her, and
Woman hears crying and finds newborn human baby tucked in between litter of stray’s pups
Here is a mommy dog that is a stray one from Buenos Aires, Argentina and with a golden heart. The street dog had just given birth to a
A 12-year-old youngster went viral after his mom reported that her baby boy’s father was a chimpanzee
Two years ago, an Angolan woman confessed that her 12-year-old boy named Augusto Dembo had half gens of an ordinary chimpanzee. She claimed that for a very long
Everyone laughed at the Indian girl with white skin and golden hair: look how she looks now
Meet Pooja Ganatra, an Indian woman who has always been the center of attention in her country. Since childhood, the girl boasted of her unusual appearance. Everyone confused
The poor bull spent his whole life in prison: the moment he was released is absolutely touching
It is so important in our time to pay attention to farm animals and take steps to save them.They are subjected to violence and mistreatment by the excavated
Three bobcats resting on a frozen river: exceptional drone footage
Shooting great moments is the main task of any photographer or operator.But things get more complicated when they work with wild creatures where you have to be in
9-year-old boy spends pocket money on feeding stray dogs and opens an animal shelter with donations
Not every person is responsible to take care of stray dogs. There are people who do not take proper care of their pets. But in this case, our
A state police officer rescues a confused and abandoned puppy left alone on the Interstate
The sad dog was stuck in the middle of heavy traffic, all confused. On Sunday, a state police officer found out an unusual traffic jam. She looked to
The man adopted a polar bear and even knows how to swim with him in the pool
The white bear is the biggest land predator that exists. It is a harmful wild creature. However, that didn’t stop a Canadian family from adopting a white fluffy.
The story of a circus animal, Mufasa the mountain lion, who was rescued after 20 years in captivity
Thanks to the efforts of animal rescuers, the mountain lion was set free. It is a fact that in Peru it is forbidden to use wild animals in
Ron Howard married his high school girlfriend in 1975 and they are still in love and go on dates today
In high school, some of us discover love. This is the time when you slowly mature and start learning about relationships. Some people may think of high school
Teenagers see a suspicious man carrying a drunk woman and follow him..
The man said he was going to call the woman’s father to take her home, but the situation seemed unsuitable to him. It was then that they decided