A hidden camera captured how this girl spends her day with her dog

It often happens that pet owners get too attached to their pets.People simply cannot imagine their life without a true and devoted four-legged friend.After all, he really will always be there, in sorrow and in joy, whatever the circumstances.

And it was precisely because of such love that Montevideo resident Jose Perez still could not find his soul mate.Indeed, for a happy life together, he had only one condition: the young girl had to get along and find a common language with the dog José, Nina.

For a long time, the man had to constantly part with his girlfriends.Someone started hating Nina, and someone even tried to pretend that there was at least some kind of sympathy between them.

But José Perez has always seen that girls are not as honest as he would like.

But everything continued until the man met Maria.The day he met Nina, Jose was very worried.He really wanted his daughter and his dog to find a common language.

But when Maria immediately began to smile, the man realized that everything would be fine.A few months later, the delighted Jose suggested the girl move to him, but a sense of mistrust still swept over the man.At some point he had to go on a business trip and before that he installed a hidden camera in his home.

Maybe he only wanted to do this for security reasons.Or to make sure that Maria really really loved Nina, like her dog.But after Jose saw the footage, he calmed down forever and his heart finally thawed out.

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