A stray cat accidentally turned up in the studio: the act of the presenter touched the audience

Sometimes during live TV broadcasts in the studio, completely unexpected situations can arise.

Sometimes you might think that such situations are not always real.After all, such videos are a great way to increase the audience’s interest in the TV channel and simply cheer up the target audience.

But we cannot exclude moments when surprises are really extremely unexpected and pleasant. And this happened on one of the Turkish TV channels! It happened during the program “Günaydın Denizli” when the broadcast was hosted by Kudret Elebioglu.

The man calmly read newspaper headlines and news for the audience, but suddenly at some point, a street cat appeared in the studio.

It is worth noting that the company’s employees regularly feed it, and therefore, surrounded by these people, the animal feels very comfortable.

First, she suddenly found herself at the table, and then decided to climb onto its surface.After sitting for a while, the cat realized that the laptop, which the presenter also actively used during the live broadcast, became the ideal place for her.

It is worth noting that Kudret turned out to be a real professional, since he was not at all embarrassed by such an unexpected guest.The man simply began to pretend that nothing was really happening and the live broadcast went exactly as it should be.

This is a world that also belongs to animals.So it is not always possible to control animals.We just need to love them.

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