A young bobcat raised cubs, puppies, a raccoon and kittens

At the Irkutsk Zoo, this lynx has been growing since he was a child. This amazing cat, named Alena, has become a favorite of employees and visitors.

In addition to the sympathy that everyone feels for cats, even big ones, Alena won people over with her exceptionally well-developed maternal instinct.

Alena was still very young to have her own children, but she was already happy to take care of all the little ones who needed her help.

Alena took care of all the animals that needed her care.

Lynx raised two cubs, five puppies and a raccoon. Lynx never cared what kind of child she adopted, she treated everyone with love and care, showing her behavior as a good example not only for other animals, but also for people.

When their mother refused the little kittens, the zoo staff decided to place them in Alena’s care. In the first few minutes, Alena looked at the kittens with suspicion, but after carefully examining and sniffing them, she accepted these babies and began to care for them selflessly.

The photo of a lynx carefully licking and warming little kittens touched the hearts of all the zoo visitors.

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