Baboon famous for being an aggressive species caught on camera grooming tiny lion cub in Kruger National Park

It’s hard to believe in this story. A baboon grooming a lion cub? Is it even possible?

Baboons are aggressive ape species living in South Africa. They are famous for their hostility towards lions and leopards. It’s just unbelievable to see them together as friends.

That’s what thought the safari guide during a usual tourist visit. Kurt Schultz was driving a safari vehicle full of tourists in Kruger Park, South Africa when he accidentally saw a hardly believable sight.

He knew that later no one would believe in his words. So he took the camera and captured a baboon grooming a lion cub.

In his 20 years of guide work, the man hadn’t seen such a thing before. Baboons and lions are ancient enemies, and they just can’t be next to each other.

A first Schultz thought that the cub was dead but then he noticed in moving and playing. Then the baboon took the lion cub high on the trees and continued cuddling it.

The baboon was acting like the baby was his own, Additionally, it was a male baboon which makes the thing more complicated.

The guide says that it might seem cruel but there is a possibility that the predator would eventually kill his enemy.

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