Dog whose face is warped due to birth defect becomes a social media star

Alan is a one- year -old pup with a significant facial contortion that gives him his unique appearance.

He’s the result of a blend between a Saluki and a Boxer. So Alan was born just like that, with his jaw turned to the left and his lower arch teeth very protruding.

This condition sometimes requires surgery as the animal may have difficulty drinking and eating, but in Alan’s case there was no need.

Despite his physical limitations, his father’s flicks and prints have been extensively participated on social media.

The photos show the playful dog sitting with human daddy on the sofa and grabbing a delicious treat from the kitchen counter. He can also be seen playing with his family and foster siblings at home, and he likes to jump all over the room.

The Dog had a rough start in life. Alan was discovered on the thoroughfares of Doha, Qatar, with his mama, father, and seven siblings when he was two months old.

They transported him to a deliverance installation, where Johanna first met him 10 months ago and made the decision to stay with him.

Alan’s family wants to show the world that he’s happy and lives a regular life like any other canine. Alan’s videos living the best life have skyrocketed him to internet fame, and he already has over 140k followers and over a million likes.

To operate on Alan, they would have to break and readjust his nose and jaw, it would be an immense pain for something purely cosmetic; it would not make sense.

Although other people found him ugly, his new family is completely in love with him and doesn’t mind the negative comments, they love him both inside and out.

I love them very much, their families and Johanna knows a lot about it, Alan’s story gives us a good reflection on appearance

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