Doggo should have gone to restroom, but she accidentally participated in a half marathon

Meet Ludivine, a 2-year-old Bloodhound, who accidentally became the hero of the day.

This cute doggo used to spend her life with her owner in Elkmont, Alabama.

Especially most of her days she stayed at her owner’s farm.

One day, as usual, her owner let her out to go to the restroom which was outside.

Suddenly, she heard some voices coming from the neighborhood.

That day her attention was caught by the loud voices of the attendants of a marathon held nearby.

Soon, she was so obsessed with the crowd of the marathon that immediately rushed there to see the process on her own.

She ran making her way to the line and only after participants started running she also ran along with them.

Probably, The sweetie thought people were playing with her happily wagging her tail.

Sometimes, Ludivine even changed her mind and stopped to chase a bunny, or bark at other pets and also smell some herbs on her way.

So, she kept running with all the runners until the finish line.

After all, the doggo could finish the marathon in the 7th place and even be awarded a medal for her participation.

Overall, she could record her result in one hour, 32 minutes, and 56 seconds.

The event makers and all the participants were so impressed by Ludivine, that they changed the name to “The Hound Dog Half” in her honor.

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