He returned.The puppy was left alone and he could not find the way to home.

Archi was the beloved dog for a long time. But one day he got ill and his owners decided that they did not need him anymore, they did not do anything to help poor dog and put him into the car and took away 2 kilometres far from the home.

One day the neighbours noticed Archi along the road and recognized him immediately,they called him and he reacted them.At first they thought that he lost his way as the dog had owners,but the reaction of the owners shocked them.They said that they did not need the dog anymore and would not come after him.

But kind people did not leave him alone. At first they took him to their relatives and after holiday they adopted him.

The former owners did not like it,even they got angry,as they understood that it was their former dog which they left.Everybody understood how heartless and cruel they were.

We think the conscience does not torment them or they do not have any conscience.

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