Heroic German Shepherd unexpectedly managed to swim for about 11 hours helping his owner survive

The German Shepherd amazed everyone with her brave and selfless step in Brisbane.

Due to his endless efforts, the dog could treat water at least 11 hours, and rescued his owner’s life.

Once, the fishermen noticed a German Shepherd, who was scared and swimming around a floating thing.

They called the officers of Moreton Bay police for support, which came at once.

Later, a helicopter was sent with coast Guards who united them to take on the action.

At first, the poor and tired out Shepherd, named Heidi, was sent to a vet center, where, luckily, the dog diagnosed as normal without wounds and injuries.

Later, the workers found the owner of the dog, too. The old man was stuck to the boat.

As he said, the 13,5-foot vessel had gone under control, and started to sink.

From that moment, they separated from each other, and Heidi was in that situation, until the fishmen saw him.

Luckily, the old man rescued, moreover, he even didn’t have wounds, as well. Due to his brave, loyal and big-hearted dog, his life was saved.

Fortunately, this story, though, was touching, yet very inspiring, and eventually had a very beautiful end.

It is an evidence of the great and selfless bound, which a dog cherishes to its beloved owner.

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