«Keep my paw» the dog was so frightened to be left that did not unbind the man’s hand who adopted him

Some dogs like people want to have their self environment. They want to lay and revolve, eat, enjoy loneliness,and rest. But this puppy nicknamed Stenli is not from this group


Half year ago a man named Sam took him from the shelter in New Zeland. Since they have met the forgotten and frightened puppy became a real velcro. At first he was with his owner for 24 hours, he even did not want to unbind his hand. The owner says that he became calmer contacting with the owner and sometimes he even demanded caress and it sometimes made inconveniences.


Sam told he remembered how he met with his pet first time. He has been a voluntary helped to take the dogs for a walk. And so he found a dog with two puppies,they were only half year old Sam was told to take care one of them. The meeting with the owner was a stress for the puppy.For an hour he was afraid to take out of the car and fearfully looked around. Some times later he adapted to live in a flat, learnt to eat and drink from his bowl and attached to his owner.

He crawled to his bed and settled down next to him so that to touch him. As soon as Sam changed his position dog did the same. Even becoming elder he kept this habit.

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