Neglected dog wandered the streets and was ignored by people until kind people noticed her

Sometimes it is better for an animal to remain on the streets than have a human who is indifferent or even worse – cruel. Animals often suffer from people, their irresponsibility and cruelty. Some owners drove their pets out into the street.

So that the dog could not find her way home, they decided to take the animal to a remote area of ​​the city of Kursk, which was located in the forest zone.

At first, the animal walked the streets in search of a home. Residents began to feed the dog, called her Squirrel. Local stray dogs immediately disliked the poor fellow, the dog had to fight off attacks.

The animal found shelter inside a rusty car, which was located on the territory of a plant. The dog was constantly getting dirty in the fuel oil, which covered the details of the ruin. Soon enough, the fur fell off and stuck together.

People tried to cope with the problem, but nothing helped. Once the volunteers found out about the dog.

They took her to a specialist who brought the dog in order.

The already clean, neatly trimmed dog was taken to their new owners. Now Squirrel lives in a new cozy house, where she receives love and care.

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