Polar bear is so attached to her human father

Relationships between pets such as cats or dogs and humans are normal and expected.

There is no special connection between a polar bear and a person.

Eventually, adult male polar bears weigh 1,500 pounds, while females weigh about 1,000 pounds. These are not exactly the kind of animals you can keep in your backyard.

These statistics partly explain why the close relationship between Agee the polar bear and Marc Dumas is unique and rarely seen between wild animals and humans.

Their relationship began 18 years ago.

Dumas works as an animal trainer for movies and is assigned to find a polar bear for the movie.

He had heard of an eight-week-old polar bear being hand-reared at the zoo. The cub’s mother was an elderly bear who had given birth to 10 cubs before her and could no longer properly care for this cub.

This cub is Agee.Dumas took care of Agee and successfully groomed her for filming. No one expected that between Dumas and Agee there would be a close connection.

Dumas and Agee have an extraordinary bond. He is the only person in the world who has this kind of relationship with a polar bear.

They shared that Agee can become aggressive when people start taking Dumas’ attention away from Agee. However, Dawn said that the polar bear doesn’t mind her because she is used to Dawn’s voice.

Today, Dumas remains Agee’s primary caregiver, provider, and playmate.You can see how close they are to each other and how much they care about each other.

Dumas said that he has never felt in danger around Agee.

“Agee sees him as her mother and father together, really. And companion.” Dawn said, talking about her husband’s special bond with Agee.

When Dumas and Agee are together, Agee makes a cat-like sound.

While some people may wonder why a fully grown polar bear isn’t in the wild, one thing is for sure: Dumas and Agee have an unbreakable bond.

Dumas loved Agee, and as much as animals can love humans, Agee loves him back.

After all, he raised and cared for her since she was a baby. And this makes them part of each other’s family, with a special bond that no one can break.

Check out the unique relationship between Mark and Polar Bear Agee below!

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