Shelter dog desperate for attention tries to squeeze through kennel bars

Eliza arrived at City of San Bernardino Animal Services a few weeks ago, and, so far, she’s not loving it. She’d rather be somewhere with her future new family, cuddling on the couch or running around outside, and, of course, that’s what everyone at the shelter wants for her too. She’s sick of being cooped up in a kennel — and decided to make that very clear to everyone around her.

Alice Chow has been visiting the shelter and photographing the animals there for some time now, so she knows a special pup when she sees one. When she saw Eliza and what she was trying to do, she knew she had to try and help her find a home.

“Eliza couldn’t stop wagging her tail and whining to get my attention,” Chow told The Dodo. “She made sure I saw her. She wanted so much love from me. The only clear photos I was able to get were of her sticking her head through the broken kennel gates so she could get closer to me.”

It appeared that Eliza had been trying to break out of her kennel so she could go out and play on her own terms. As Chow watched, she stuck her nose through the bent bars of her kennel, hoping for some attention. It melted Chow’s heart right away.

Later on, Chow sent the photos to a friend, Lois Chisholm, who posted about Eliza on Facebook in the hopes that someone would see the post and decide to adopt her.

She included all the information someone would need to adopt Eliza, and now all she can do is wait and hope that, pretty soon, Eliza will be able to break out of her kennel for good.

If you are interested in meeting Eliza (animal ID: #𝐀𝟓𝟓𝟒𝟑𝟔𝟐 ), please call the shelter at (909) 384-1304. For rescue organizations interested in saving Eliza, contact the shelter by email: [email protected]. You can find more information about her here.

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