The abandoned colli asks for a love

Homeless animals are already usual for us,we even do not notice them around us. However, pedigree animals still cause confusion, as people pay much money to have such kind of pets.

Once people noticed colli on the sidewalk. Poor dog was running after everybody and on his eyes one could see a petition for a help.

The dog looked raver sleek, either he was lost or he had ruthless owner who left him.
Some times later the pedigree dog was noticed by voluntaries and they took him.The dog,moreover, had an excellent ancestries, that’s why they gave him nickname Marsell.

After shower and comb the dog became nicer and hardly anybody could pass across him indifferent.He was very quite and kind.

Young age contributed to an inquisitive character and he began to learn the thing and items that were at home,he liked to play with children so much and he spent all his time with them.

But poor animal did not have a luck, nobody wanted to take him,people thought it would be so difficult to keep huge dog in the flats.But a family was found who owned Marsel,and now he lies happily in the garden of their house, loves his owners so much.

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