The cute doggo visited an elderly woman every day: she changed her life completely

Meet the sweetest Jade, a 1.5-year-old Australian mixed doggo.

According to Heath, the doggo enjoys its second life as a support dog

A woman made friends with her four-legged Jade for a long time.

She was Mrs. Riddle, who was familiar with her owner and asked to go for a walk with Jade.

Once, unfortunately, the woman’s favorite husband and dog passed away on the same day.

The accident made her incredibly unhappy.

So, it’s a great happiness to share Jade’s companionship, as she was already old and needed someone to communicate with.

The woman, even, shared meals with the doggo, as Heath has reported.

She noted that her life was completely changed due to him. As if Jade was a therapy dog, who managed to recover her.

Her owner bought him when she was only 6 weeks old.

Sometimes Heath liked to tell stories about Jade, as he used to talk about the cute dog in general.

So, to support the Riddle, Jade’s owner offered that his partner brings Jade over.

She says that Jade is a sweet dog, with good character.

She is a real protector of her close ones.

The doggo adores playing fetch.

Also, Jade is trained, just like her human. She loves to jump around, especially, is fond of Beef liver snacks, and hangs out with the woman.

What a nice doggo!

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