The dog that was abandoned because it was an old dog now cries every day

One of the worst things that can happen to an elderly dog is that they abandon it in its few years or months of life.

Because the circumstances of that poor animal when it gets old can bring problems, such as diseases with high economic costs or because they no longer want to move much due to age… And unfortunately, many of these types of people tend to abandon them and do not want to take charge anymore. of him or her.

Not many people know that when a dog or cat lives their whole life with a family, once you separate them from them… Their heart and soul breaks into a thousand pieces, thus possibly causing their most painful death ever seen, loneliness without being able to spend the few days of life receiving that love that he has had for so many years and it has been suddenly taken from him.

So this poor old dog has suffered what no one in his life would ever want to happen to him… His family turned their backs on him, they totally abandoned him to his fate, without food or water, after so many years giving love and receiving, he came to Being of an age that did not allow him to move much and thus they left him on the street.

This adorable little dog is 8 years old, whose name is Ray. He was found on the streets of Torrance, California, wandering around to find something to eat, disoriented and no doubt you could see the sad face he had.

You could tell that he had been wandering the streets for a long time, with the naked eye you could see him in the bones, his eyes were rheumy and sad. You can also see that his coat has lost that shine that all happy, well-groomed dogs have.

But thanks to one of the employees of Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, seeing the state of this dog, I don’t hesitate for a moment to grab him and take him to recover. But all the care they gave Ray was in vain.

He was still sad because his family abandoned him, he no longer felt that affection that he liked so much. Over time he recovered very well, although all those who came to adopt a dog always went to the youngest.

Even though the wait was long, very long… Ray found a new family and if they saw the joy that I regain, the power of love is truly wonderful. No matter how much some miserable humans abandoned him, he was so happy to get that affection again, that he knew how to forgive and was reborn again, once more.

Thanks to this new family, Ray will be able to enjoy his last years of life with lots of love and most importantly, that he will never be alone again, since the new owners know that with Ray, he has won the lottery.

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