The end of the story about the street cat and the lost dog was unexpected

Olya and her family were very sad because of the dog which was lost, his name was Malish. The have just started to walk him after vaccination.
One day when Olya again took him for a walk, he got afraid of loud noises and signals.The dog ran away and hid behind the brushes. She could not find him anymore. She blamed herself for the pet lost for a week.All her family were looking for him all around.

They made posts in the nets, made an announcement all over the city but in vain. But Olya hoped to find him. Just that time Ani was on a holiday and often took her dog for a walk, and at that moment she hit the dog hiding under the brushes. When Ani approach him he ran away,but next day Ani saw him in the garden in a cats’ company,even they gave him half of their food. When the cats began eating one of the cats went away and let the dog to eat her food. After eating the dog laid under the sun.

Ani told this unusual story to her friend and this to her neighbour which was Olya.
She immediately understood that it could be her pet and ran to that garden. She called him and she was right it was her lovely pet. As a gratitude she adopted that street cat.

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