The oldest gorilla in the world celebrates his 60 years with the special cake of frozen fruit

Western lowland gorillas are critically endangered. Many zoos have taken over the care of these animals, including the Atlanta Zoo. Several representatives of this species live here, and one individual, a male named Ozzy, is the world record holder for age.

In the wild, these primates live up to 30-40 years. In zoos, where they receive medical attention and have enough food, this period has increased to 50 years, but after forty the animal is officially considered old.

Such inhabitants of the zoo are lodged separately – they can no longer keep up with the youth, and they themselves prefer peace and quiet.

In Atlanta, where living conditions for primates are close to ideal, there are several age gorillas, and the zoo brings them into special groups where they are comfortable with each other.

Ozzy, the oldest member of the species at the zoo, has spent the past 17 years with his 58-year-old friend Chumba.

Recently, 36-year-old Kuchi and 45-year-old Machi were added to their company, who also began to get tired of the society of energetic relatives.

Ozzy does not like loud music, and when he needs something from the caretakers, he speaks with them by voice or knocks on doors and windows. His favorite foods are oranges and cabbage.

The individual approach to each inhabitant of the Atlanta Zoo has ensured a record lifespan for the western lowland gorillas: on June 20, Ozzy celebrated its 60th anniversary.

In honor of this event, an ice “cake” of frozen fruits was prepared for him. At this rate, Ozzy remains the oldest western lowland gorilla on the planet.

Ozzy has more than 20 descendants: children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They live not only in the neighborhood but also in many zoos around the world.

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