The owners wanted to lall the dog as it was paralized but their son did not agree as the dog was a member of their family

The story is about friendship of the teenager and a dog .

Parents not  always buy pets for their child but this family did it becouse their son wanted to have a real friend at home.They have very little flat with two little rooms but they bought a dog for their son  but not very long after they saw the dog was very weak.They told about it to the man who sold it but he shured them that everything was ok with  a  pet.

They thought after growing up it will be ok with a pet and maned it Tison.

Years passed the dog grew up but the paralized feet  did not work as in past but the boy got in touch with it so much that did not allow his parents do anything.

They did a vaccination the next day but it was worse for the pet he couldn not walk any more.They did not over to take care for the dog but it was so difficult for them as it could be with  a person .

Father wanted to loll the dog but dhe boy did not allow and told that the dog was a member of their little family.The poor dog lived with them  only ten years without walking.

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