The sick and sunken dog was taken to the country house.The people took care after him

Tatyana Prostakova gave her pets characteristic and original names; Prince and Princess which shows her attitude to the pets.  Prostakova loved the pets so much that they prospered and had a chance to live the life which they had been deprived before.

Rex and Beta were in a very bad situation. At first the family adopted only Bet.  They heard the story about them they six years ago, before it they had never thought about adopting.  After some times tհe situation changed and they became the owners of Rex too.  But this time Rex took them with him.

Three years ago they left for the country house and the sick and week dog was already there.  Tanya was very kind and brokenhearted so she could not leave him in a bad situation and took him to the home and cured him.

At first the family decided to find another owner for him after treatment but they loved him so much that could not give him to another owner and they never regreted for it.

Sometimes the woman makes a jock saying that her whole family consists of pets. She is very happy that could give happiness to this cute pets.

We hope that more people will follow to her example.

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