This puppy was crying because of hunger and cold

Once a woman was passing near the left building and suddenly not far from it heard plaintive whining. Turning around she saw a puppy behind the grid who was left there alone. She had to pass through the grid but she could, so she called her husband who could pull out the dog from there. It was a girl like bear.

She was so beautiful that the couple decided to take her home.At first they took her to the veterinary,where she received all necessary vaccinations. Then they went to the zoo shop bought all food,toys and other necessary things for her. She adapted the family very soon.

She was very clever, soon she learnt going to the toilet outside, got along with other dogs.At first the husband was indifferent but never hurt her and very soon the charming little dog could win the man’s heart.
Soon he became very attached to the dog and now he takes her for a walk and never regret for taking the very nice dog.

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