Touching story – Injured stray puppy sheds tears when getting help

The little dog’s hind leg was broken. The poor dog that was injured when a car hit her was very scared, crying and showing pain as she lay there.

Molly is the dog’s name! She cried a lot when flies and maggots started feeding on the wound. Molly the baby is in a very bad condition. The puppy is still very young, and his whole life is still ahead.

It’s heartbreaking when a dog wanders and has no place to rest, this painful gaze and the desperate scream of a puppy lying there haunts those who are there.

She is at the Veterinary Hospital. Molly had leptospirosis and the plague. Molly’s blood was given to her by veterinarians.

,,The surgery for Molly is still going on. She was very weak and fainted. Come on, Molly. Trust Molly. She’ll be fine, and her quads will surprise us all. I have complete confidence in this small but powerful dog. Molly was fine so she ate and went to bed.”

Molly should only get the best. In the five months of her life, the girl went through a lot.

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