Vet walks around the streets of California and cures the animals of homeless people for free

It’s a true fact that still true love and kindness exist in the world. A bright example of the fact is a vet from California – Kwane Stewart, who walks around the streets to treat those animals in need.

Our furry mates don’t care if we are rich or poor. They have no great expectations from us. Yet, the pets of people living on the streets may have problems with health, and most commonly they remain careless.

People having a pet will understand how important is to visit a vet when the animal has disorders or is in need of medical care. This reality made our hero think about street animals and come to them to help out.

This man started his first steps in helping animals back in 2011. He knows his mission is clear: to help as many homeless people and their animals, as he can. He tells how he first had such an experience and after that occasion, he started walking across the streets to meet new and new homeless people and animals. This man not only does a kind gesture but also warms the hearts of the needy.

Over the yers, this man treated approximately 400 animals, all for free. Only recently, he created a GoFundMe page, letting people have their penny in this mission.

Stewart says that this experience has made him look at the world we new eyes and worldview. Really, we can make assumptions about who these people are living in the streets but we don’t even know their stories and mourns.

The vet tells how his life has changed after having talks with street people. They are more generous than us, and if they are adopting a pet, they make sure their animal is fed up. Stewart wants to change something, and he finds his motivation in these people and animals living on the streets!

Watch how happy is the vet while helping street animals!

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