A mother elephant protects her teeny baby stuck in a hole

In Kenya, Africa, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescued and rehabilitated baby orphaned elephants. Recently, a night camera at a wildlife sanctuary showed a baby elephant stuck in a small puddle.

His family tried to get him out, but they could not. The little one himself was making great efforts to get out of the hole, but he couldn’t. This was when the sanctuary caretakers appeared.

These kind and brave men rushed to help the little one in a big truck. However, the mama elephant didn’t realize they were on her side. So she threatened them to back off as she was protective of her son.

Even the baby elephant was very afraid of people and tried to get as close to its mother as possible. So naturally, this made the mother and the rest of the herd a little more worried than before.

When the truck approached the pit, the mother elephant was afraid that the men might hurt her baby. So she stood in front of the truck and threatened the people in the truck again.

However, the brave men were unstoppable. Pushing a herd of baby elephants, two men rushed to a water hole to rescue a baby elephant stuck in it. Both the good men jumped into the water hole and carefully lifted the baby elephant.

Although the baby was small, he felt quite heavy, so both the men had to pick him up. They gently placed the baby on the ground. As soon as he got out, he ran to his family waiting for him. It was a happy reunion.

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