A poignant request for forgiveness is made by a labrador to his owner, who is upset by his actions.

Animals surprise us with their behavior. They know how to sympathize, understand, support at necessary moments. How do they do it? Apparently, they just feel.

So it happened in this video. The owner was unhappy with the behavior of his furry friend and asked him to apologize.

And how surprised he was when his Labrador came up to him and began to apologize and flatter so that only the owner’s mood would change to a kind one.

Labradors themselves and their breed are very kind and open-minded. They are considered good babysitters for children, they are soft and cuddly. This breed was originally developed for hunting.

They have a very bright temperament. If done correctly with it, the Labrador’s hyperactivity will be good for you.

This is a reliable ally, he will always be by your side and will not be able to reproach for anything. Labradors are funny, affectionate, very mobile.

Because of such increased activity, when living at home with a Labrador, you need to walk a lot with it, and at a young age, you need to play.

With proper training, the success of a Labrador retriever will be accurately observed in hunting and military affairs. They can even replace shepherd dogs.

A dog is a real friend of a man that loves you without any selfishness and does not try to do something contrary to expectations. Every kid dreams of having such a dog.

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