A sweet letter was attached on the collar of the animal chained to a tree; happily, he was saved in time.

This dog was discovered quite by accident. The poor dog was tied to a tree and left to fend for himself.

One day, an officer was combing the area and noticed that someone had thrown a mattress in the wrong place. He decided to find the intruder. A few meters later, a rather unexpected find was waiting for him – not an intruder, but an unfortunate dog.

The dog sat near the tree and looked at the officer with frightened eyes. At first, the officer thought that the dog was simply lost, but as he got closer, he realized what was the matter.

It turned out that the poor fellow was tied to a tree. Next to the animal was a bag of dog food, and a note around his neck. The officer immediately called the animal protection service.

Experts, having arrived at the place, saw the charming dog with sad eyes. It looks like the poor animal knew he was betrayed. But despite this, the dog believed that there are still good people in the world.

The dog was tied to a tree with a short leash, and a piece of paper hung from the collar. The content of this note touched everyone who came to save the dog.

“My name is Zeus. I am a good dog. Born on 05/07/2015. My owner can no longer take care of me. She was looking for a new home for me, but no one wants to take me. Help me find a new family.

P.S. The dog is a cross between a black Labrador and a Husky. I will hate myself for the rest of my life for what I do. But I don’t have any other options…

The message touched everyone. Obviously, it was hard for the owner to say goodbye to him.

At the shelter, it immediately became clear that the dog was friendly and well-mannered.

Soon a woman named Katherine fell in love with him and took him to her home. The dog quickly got used to the new place and now he is happy!

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