After 4 years horse reunites with its old friends, even owner is caught off guard by horse’s reaction

Human beings can make lifelong friendships but can animals do the same? A woman wanted to discover if her three horses that grew up together can recognize each other after 4 years of being apart.

The three friends were raised side by side as foals. They were good friends until one day Arthur had to leave the others. He was sold as a sports horse.

The creature was trained for high-class private competitions and events. Meanwhile, his friends walked around England with their owner.

The reason for giving up on Arthur was the career transition of Sue.

William and Harry were living in East Sussex, and Arthur was far away lining his high-class life.

But one day Sue decided to repurchase Arthur. When she brought him back to her farm, she knew that the two will recognize him and accept their old friend.

However, Sue didn’t expect to see their incredible reaction. It was a touching reunion. After the loving nudges horses started jogging. Arthur demonstrated his skills.

Among the horses William is bossy and he wouldn’t let another horse do what Arthur does. Indeed, it’s so amazing to see the feelings that animals have for each other.

The trio is perfect proof that animals can make lifelong friends!

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