After being rescued and nurtured together, the lion, tiger, and bear have been closest friends for 15 years.

I have never heard of a trio friendship between the animals of different species. It’s even harder to imagine such a bond between three people. This trio will amaze you today.

Meet the African lion (Leo), Bengal tiger (Shere Khan) and black bear (Baloo) that had been raised together starting from 2001.

They were saved from the place of a drug dealer that abused the poor animals. They have very small space to move and enjoy a full life.

Since the trio was raised together, they became best friends. Unfortunately, there was no reason for them to smile and enjoy life.

All of them were injured. Leo had cuts on his face, Baloo’s skin was cut by a tight fixed harness and Shere Khan was deeply malnourished.

All of them needed serious medical care. After being rescued by Noah’s Ark Sanctuary, they quickly recovered. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to continue living in wild.

The sanctuary is a non-profit organization that takes care of 1,500 wild creatures and spends $33,000 a month to feed them.

Cubs were spending friendly and peaceful life together. After they got bigger, caretakers decided to separate them so that they wouldn’t harm each other.

Interestingly, non of the animals tried to harm the others. They remained forever friends and lived 15 years altogether.

Unfortunately, Leo died in 2016. Shortly after him, Shere Khan passed away in 2018.

After the loss of his friends, Baloo was given special attention and care.

I am still amazed by this friendship! Let’s take an example.

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