Athlete couldn’t stand small dogs all his life until he met the chihuahua named Lady

A touching story about how a little dog came out of depression and dramatically changed the life of an big guy. Bobby Humphreys, an athlete from the American city of Boonesboro, loved big dogs all his life and never knew such small breeds as Chihuahuas.

A Rottweiler lived with his wife for 17 years.Bobby adored this breed for its stateliness, serious appearance and impressive size.

On New Year’s Eve 2016, Bobby divorced his wife and fell into a deep depression. Then he injured his shoulder in training, survived the operation and started drinking frequently…

Once a friend asked him to sit with her chihuahua named Lady. At first, Bobby doubted, but then he decided – why not.

At first, Bobby was completely indifferent to Lady. But on the very first day, when the man went into the room to check on the dog, she calmly sat on the man’s lap. The athlete himself was shocked at how this little dog influenced him.

From day one, they were inseparable, and Lady somehow helped pull Bobby out of his depression. “I skipped work and could lie in bed for hours,” recalls the athlete. “Lady was my only cure. I loved this little dog.”

Four months with the Lady changed a man’s life. After a while, he decided to get himself a small dog – the choice fell on a one-year-old chihuahua, which he named Kira. Then he rescued two chihuahuas from a dysfunctional shelter… and realized what his mission was.

Bobby soon opened his own small dog rescue center called Big Guy. So far, he has rescued 37 miniature dogs, and of course, he is not going to stop.

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