Blind cat lived in a shelter for 4 years, having already lost hope of finding an owner

Volunteers picked up this cat on the street and took it to the shelter. The shelter staff immediately realized that Adalind had health problems.

The eyes of the cat were much larger than those of her relatives, in addition, it was noticeable that they caused her pain. Veterinarians confirmed the hunch and began treatment.

Adalind stayed at the orphanage. She happily communicated with visitors, was obedient and affectionate, only all the other cats gradually found their home, and Adalind remained in the shelter. Those wishing to have a pet were scared away by the cat’s health problems.

The cat was very upset, because they were very fond of affection and communication with people. For 4 years, the cat lived in a shelter, all this time veterinarians tried to save her eyesight, but, as it turned out, to no avail. The pain in the eyes intensified and the doctors decided to perform an operation, after which Adalind was left without eyes.

During the rehabilitation period, Adalind was sent to a home overexposure. The cat quickly adapted to the new home. She immediately explored all the rooms and memorized where her bowls were. The lack of vision did not prevent the cat from navigating the house, she also easily made friends with other pets.

Most of all, Adlinda fell in love with her temporary mistress, every evening the cat came to the girl’s room and settled down to sleep next to her. By the end of the rehabilitation, the girl fell in love with Adalind so much that she could not part with her. So the cat got a home, a loving hostess and good friends.

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