Crimean cat decided to become a mother for orphaned squirrels

Recently, a touching story happened in one of the Crimean zoos.

Kittens were born to the cat Pusha. At the same time, someone brought four newborn baby squirrels in a box to the zoo. The cubs lost their mother and were completely helpless.

The zoo staff decided to put the animals to Pusha and so get them out. What was everyone’s surprise when they saw that Pusha met them very cordially and began to treat them like their own children.

Initially, the squirrels were a little afraid, but then they got used to it and began to run up to their newly-made mother, play with her and share milk with the kittens.

Pusha still feeds and cares for baby squirrels. A very unexpected and funny cat-squirrel family has become inseparable. They play, eat, rest together.

An interesting phenomenon is the maternal instinct, which in the animal world sometimes extends not only to another cubs, but also to representatives of a completely different species.

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