Everyone passed by a «special» kitten, only a 7-year-old girl could not pass by

This kid lived on the streets of Istanbul. Every day, hundreds of people saw him on the sidewalk, but no one wanted to help, although at first glance it was clear that the animal needed urgent treatment.

Probably people avoided the cat because of its appearance. The cat really looked terrible, because life on the street and numerous diseases left their mark on his appearance.

The cat needed treatment, it was clear right away, but no one dared to take responsibility and give the baby a chance at life.

A girl came to the aid of the animal. The 7-year-old child could not pretend not to notice the suffering of the kitten, she took him away and persuaded the adults to keep him and cure him.

Thanks to the care, the baby quickly recovered and now he is a cute pet who has become part of a loving family.

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